NuScale SMR to be evaluated for use in Bulgaria

17 February 2021

NuScale Power of the USA and Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant - New Build Plc (KNPP-NB) have agreed to evaluate the suitability of NuScale's small modular reactor technology for deployment at the existing Kozloduy nuclear power plant site in Bulgaria. KNPP-NB is a public limited company established to commission new nuclear power capacity at the site.

How a NuScale SMR plant could look (Image: NuScale)

The Kozloduy site is home to Bulgaria's only operating nuclear power reactors. In conjunction with the Council Of Ministers' recent decision to extend the capacity of the Kozloduy site, KNPP-NB is exploring the possibility of utilising advanced nuclear technology there.

Under a Memorandum of Understanding announced today, NuScale will support KNPP-NB as they conduct a number of studies and analyses. These will include the development of a project timeline with milestone deliverables for a feasibility study, a project-specific cost estimate, and engineering, planning, licensing, and other activities supporting the potential implementation of a NuScale plant.

"NuScale's safe, scalable technology is a perfect solution for Bulgaria as it looks to expand and diversify its clean energy portfolio,” said NuScale Power Chairman and CEO John Hopkins. "NuScale is excited to work with a prominent energy partner, such as KNPP-NB, on this potential deployment of our technology, and we look forward to demonstrating the numerous benefits our SMRs can bring to the region."

KNPP-NB CEO Lyuben Marinov said, "The need to implement safe, reliable and manoeuvrable power onsite at Kozloduy is well understood. The NuScale SMR is one of the best options to achieve European and Bulgarian policy goals in a liberalised power market, improve the security of energy supply, and add sufficient value to the national gross domestic product."

The NuScale Power Module is a pressurised water reactor with all the components for steam generation and heat exchange incorporated into a single integrated unit. The unit can generate 77 MWe (gross) per module, or about 924 MWe for a 12-module power plant. NuScale will also offer options for smaller four-module and six-module plant sizes.

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission in September issued a standard design approval to NuScale Power for the NuScale SMR. This allows the design to be referenced in applications for construction, operating and manufacturing licences and permits in the USA. Site-specific licensing procedures must still be completed and a combined construction and operating licence obtained before any construction can begin.

The company has signed MoUs to explore the deployment of its technology in Canada, the Czech Republic, Jordan, Romania and Ukraine, and said it continues to discuss similar agreements with potential customers worldwide. In October last year, the US International Development Finance Corporation signed a Letter of Intent to help NuScale develop 2500 MWe of nuclear energy in South Africa.

Researched and written by World Nuclear News