Nuclear icebreaker Sibir enters service

06 January 2022

Rosatom subsidiary Atomflot has accepted delivery of the Sibir, its newest nuclear-powered icebreaker. The twin-reactor vessel was officially handed over by the Baltic Shipyard which built it.

Three more vessels identical to Sibir are currently under construction (Image: Baltic Shipyard)

Sibir will join five other nuclear icebreakers in the Atomflot fleet, which also includes a nuclear-powered LASH carrier. Sibir's primary mission will be to maintain the passibility of the Northern Sea Route.

"We are confident that the efficient operation of these vessels will become a determining factor in sustainable development" of the route, said Atomflot CEO Mustafa Kashka.

Kashka officially took control of Sibir after signing an acceptance certificate with Aleksey Kadilov, the General Director of the Baltic Shipyard, on 24 December. Kadilov presented Kashka with the traditional bottleneck of the champagne used when Sibir was launched, as well as a portrait of Sibir's 'godmother', Tatyana Golikova, who is Deputy Prime Minister of Russia for Social Policy, Labour, Health and Pension Provision.

As the second 'Project 22220' icebreaker, Sibir follows the Arktika in service.

They use two RITM-200 reactors of 175 MWt each, which deliver 60 MW at the propellers via twin turbine generators and three motors. Three more vessels identical to the Sibir are under construction at the Baltic Shipyard - the Ural, Yakutia and Chukotka

Researched and written by World Nuclear News