Podcast: Bannerman's Brandon Munro on uranium and nuclear's prospects, impact of war

01 March 2023

How has the Russia-Ukraine war changed the world's uranium and wider nuclear energy industry? Bannerman Energy's CEO Brandon Munro considers what effect it has had so far and the likely longer term consequences.


A year has passed since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, Munro says it has had a "profound impact, in the form of a reset in the importance of energy security ... policy-makers have remembered, or perhaps relearned, what they knew back in the 1970s during the oil crisis and certainly learned after the Second World War".

On uranium and the nuclear fuel cycle, Munro says concentration of supply at both a geopolitical level and a commercial level has been brought into the spotlight and "as a result of that, the structure of the uranium market will need to change so that there can be more diversity". He says another impact has been that it has focused investors' attention on uranium.

During the discussion, Munro talks about the prospects for an expansion of nuclear in Africa and outlines why he sees the Cameco-Westinghouse deal as a good thing, and one which gives more backing for the idea of nuclear energy being part of green taxonomies.

And what about those people who are opposed to nuclear energy? Is it possible to change minds? Munro, who has around 20,000 Twitter followers says that conversations are key - in his experience once people know the facts they tend to be in favour.


Never before has one country's military occupied another country's nuclear power plants and the International Atomic Energy Agency has produced a report listing all the the events over the past 12 months. World Nuclear News's Claire Maden joins host Alex Hunt to recap some of the key moments. 

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