Podcast: Making nuclear power plants look great

01 December 2023

We hear from an award-winning architect on the benefits of designing nuclear power plants that make people feel good .. plus Sweden's nuclear expansion features in the news round-up.



Technology and function, ensuring their reliable and safe operation have long been the priorities when designing nuclear power plants. But why can't they look beautiful too?  Dutch architect and designer Erick van Egeraat says that part of the way to continue to build public support for nuclear energy is to make nuclear power plants look good, "to make people feel good" when they see them.

The award-winning professor and director of Design Erick van Egeraat outlined his thinking at World Nuclear Symposium, explaining the background to the work he is doing at Akkuyu nuclear power plant, which is being built in Turkey.

In the World Nuclear News monthly round-up, Warwick Pipe reports on Sweden's plans for a "massive" expansion of nuclear energy and Claire Maden covers the end of NuScale and Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems'  Carbon Free Power Project.

And David Hess looks at how the conversation about nuclear has evolved and changed during his 14 years at World Nuclear Association.

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Episode credit:  Presenter Alex Hunt. Co-produced and mixed by Pixelkisser Production 

Researched and written by World Nuclear News