Podcast: World Nuclear Fuel Cycle 2024

01 May 2024

The challenges and opportunities arising from the goal of tripling nuclear energy capacity feature in a special report on discussions at the World Nuclear Fuel Cycle 2024 event in Kazakhstan.



The two-day international forum, co-organised by the Nuclear Energy Institute and World Nuclear Association, was held in Kazakhstan and examined all the big issues facing the global nuclear fuel sector. It included discussions involving leading industry figures on all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle, including uranium mining, conversion, and enrichment companies, utilities, fuel suppliers and waste management specialists.

Claire Maden brings an extended report on the event, where a key focus was the challenge of being able to supply the fuel which would be required for the tripling of nuclear energy capacity which many countries have pledged to aim for as part of their climate change goals. She also covers the use of innovative technologies in the nuclear fuel sector - including machine learning and neural network techniques and laser enrichment.

Those featuring in this episode include:
  • Gulmira Mursalova, Deputy Director of the Department of Atomic Energy and Industry at the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan
  • Sama Bilbao y León, World Nuclear Association Director General
  • Bohdan Zronek, Chief Nuclear Officer and Director, ČEZ
  • Adrienne Hanly, Technical Lead Uranium Resources and Production, IAEA
  • John-Paul Jones, Head of Commercial Intelligence, Urenco
  • Nikko Collida, vice president, business development, Converdyn
  • Carmen Paredes, Exponential Development Director, Enusa
  • Yeldos Yarmukhamedov, Director of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Department, Kazatomprom
  • Vincent Mercier, Fuel Business Unit Sales and Marketing VP, Framatome
  • Nima Ashkeboussi, Vice President Government Relations and Communications, GLE
  • Matt Cameron, Manager Fuel Supply and Storage, Duke Energy
  • Julien Garrel, Deputy Director of Nuclear Fuel Division, EDF

WNFC was held alongside the World Nuclear Spotlight event, which focused on Kazakhstan and its plans for a nuclear power programme, with a referendum on those plans likely to be held later this year.

The news round-up includes BWXT announcing expansion plans, and International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi outlining why the agency is not pointing the finger of blame over the drone attacks on or near the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

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Episode credit:  Presenter Alex Hunt. Co-produced and mixed by Pixelkisser Production 

Researched and written by World Nuclear News