The World Nuclear News podcast launches

04 May 2022

In the first edition of the new monthly World Nuclear News podcast, Sama Bilbao y León sets out the opportunities and challenges facing the industry - and says many countries are finally becoming serious about nuclear. John Lindberg sorts fact from fiction on radiation and the uranium sector is in focus as the month’s news is reviewed.


Director General of World Nuclear Association, Sama Bilbao y León, talks about her background and sets out the arguments for nuclear power. She says that while not all countries will want to use nuclear power, "every country should be able to choose whatever it is that their population and their governments have decided is best".

She says that in her view it is "essential" that nuclear is "included and recognised as a clean source of energy" in the EU taxonomy - and in all other taxonomies and sustainable finance schemes being developed globally. But she adds that the EU process has been an "incredibly frustrating process because it became politicised very quickly".

Bilbao y León also tackles the most common arguments against nuclear power and says she is "very optimistic about the future for nuclear because, frankly, being realistic, I do not see how we can put in place a good path forward for future generations without a significant contribution from nuclear energy". 

"For many decades many countries have had climate policies that were nothing more than long wish-lists, but I'm starting to see that more governments are becoming serious about putting in place long-term bold, thoughtful, pragmatic policies and action plans."

Also in the first episode:

The Nuclear Essentials Guide:
John Lindberg tackles the issue of radiation

Reviewing the nuclear news from the past month:
Warwick Pipe and Claire Maden

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