ČEZ creates new nuclear energy division

19 May 2017

Czech utility ČEZ has decided to split its nuclear operations from its existing Generation Division into a new Nuclear Energy Division. The nuclear division will be led by the current director of the Temelín nuclear power plant.

On 1 June, the Nuclear Energy Division will become repsonsible for all of the utility's nuclear-related activities, and the Generation Division will be transformed into the Conventional Energy Division.

ČEZ said it was separating its nuclear activities into a new division to help it comply with the requirements of the amended Atomic Energy Act, "implementing regulations" and to further increase the safety level of nuclear power plants.

The Czech Republic's trade and industry ministry's State Energy Policy, which the Cabinet approved in June 2015, foresees one new unit at Dukovany, and possibly three more at the Dukovany and Temelín sites. It recommended that ČEZ create a subsidiary company to prepare construction plans and explore options for financing the new reactors, even though the first might not be approved until 2025. A decision on power pricing from the new plant is expected this year.

Bohdan Zronek, director of the Temelín plant since 2015, has been appointed to the new head of the Nuclear Energy Division and also as a member of ČEZ's board of directors.

Zronek said, "Nuclear energy is a highly regulated and very specific sector. Establishment of a separate division is, in my view, a logical step in responding to the new legislation. My aim is to simplify the management, to complete changes in securing maintenance services and, last but not least, to look at synergies between our existing and potential new facilities."

The current head of the Generation Division, Ladislav Štěpánek, will lead the Conventional Energy Division. Jan Kruml, head of the equipment maintenance management department at Temelín, will replace Zronek as plant director as of 1 September.

As well as the Temelín and Dukovany nuclear power plants, ČEZ operates 11 coal-fired power plants in the Czech Republic, three coal-fired power plants abroad, 35 hydropower plants, including three pumped storage plants, two locations with wind power plants, 12 solar power plants and one biogas station. In addition to the production and sale of electricity, the ČEZ Group works in telecommunications, informatics, nuclear research, planning, construction and maintenance of energy facilities, mining raw materials, and processing energy by-products.

The Czech Republic has six nuclear units at the Dukovany and Temelín sites with an installed capacity of 3924 MWe and electricity generation of 26.8 TWh, which is up 8.5% since 2005. Nuclear accounts for 32.5% of the country's electricity generation, but is expected to rise to between 46% and 58% by 2040.

Researched and written
by World Nuclear News