Studsvik to develop UK metal treatment facility for Westinghouse

01 December 2022

Westinghouse Electric Company has signed a technology license agreement with Sweden's Studsvik to develop a contaminated metallic waste recycling and treatment facility at its Springfields site in Lancashire, UK.

The agreement was signed by Kirsty Armer, Vice President of Westinghouse Environmental Services UK (left), and Mikael Karlsson, Business Areas President, Waste Management Technology of Studsvik (Image: Westinghouse)

Westinghouse said innovative and carbon-neutral solutions are required to process the hundreds of thousands of tonnes of contaminated metals expected from nuclear decommissioning projects globally. "The ability to clean, melt and recycle metals is recognised as a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to disposal," it added.

The Springfields Melter for Advanced Recycling and Treatment (SMART) facility will feature a metal melter as the core technology, to clean, treat and recycle contaminated metals and large components. The agreement provides access to Studsvik's proven melting technology experience and know-how in the field of metallic treatment, significantly enhancing the design and operation of the new facility.

The goal of the SMART facility is to recycle around 90% of the processed metals for re-use in the open market.

Westinghouse said the SMART facility forms part of its development of a wider nuclear material management hub at its Springfields site and expands its global decommissioning and waste management market offerings.

"We look forward to supporting Westinghouse in delivering this new melting facility which will deliver significant benefits to the environment through the recycling of contaminated metals," Karlsson said. "The combined experience of Studsvik and Westinghouse in decommissioning and waste treatment will ensure that the Metal Treatment Facility in the UK will provide an efficient and economical option for contaminated waste treatment."

"Bringing together the Westinghouse capabilities and existing infrastructure at our Springfields site, with the metals treatment expertise of Studsvik, will create a sustainable solution for contaminated metals for our customers and bring long-term jobs and investment to the Lancashire region," Armer added.

Nyköping-based Studsvik's business focus areas are fuel and materials technology, reactor analysis software, decontamination and radiation protection as well as technical platforms for handling, conditioning and volume reduction of radioactive waste. The company offers a technology license transfer of its patented waste treatment technologies. This transfer allows the recipient to build, own and operate their own waste management treatment facility using Studsvik's proven technology.

Researched and written by World Nuclear News