UK energy company promises 60% CO2 cuts

05 June 2007

EDF's UK subsidiary, EDF Energy, has chosen World Environment Day to launch its company "climate commitments". The energy company plans to reduce CO2 emissions from its electricity generation by 60% by 2020 and is including new nuclear power capacity in its plans - "subject to UK Government policy and public acceptability."


Emissions will rise for a "limited time" as new plants start up before the old ones are closed, the company warns. Some 60% of its UK electricity will come from gas stations, with around 1000 MW of renewable energy and a similar capacity of nuclear. The company is reported to be planning to be the first supplier to open a new generation nuclear plant in the UK, looking to a start up date of 2017, but does not envisage having more than one new nuclear plant operating by 2020.


EDF Energy currently operates two coal-fired power plants but ultimately plans to build "new, more efficient power plants".


Notwithstanding its new climate initiative, both existing stations are in any case expected to close within the next decade as they become uneconomic under European Union emissions regulations.


The company's climate plan also sees CO2 emissions from its consumer's energy use decreasing by 15% by 2020, and includes a raft of other commitments including cuts in CO2 from its offices, depots and transport, and improved recycling and waste management in its operations.


World Environment Day is held annually on 5 June, to stimulate worldwide awareness of the environment and enhance political attention and action. This year's theme, "Melting Ice - a Hot Topic?" is the effect of climate change on polar ecosystems and communities.


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