Licence to reproduce World Nuclear News material

All text, photographs, graphics and other material displayed on this web site, in WNN emails and printed copies of WNN publications, is the copyright of World Nuclear News. This excludes material used with permission and attribution or material in the public domain.

This licence permits you to copy and distribute original WNN material, provided you do so in accordance with the terms below:

• You must not assert copyright on material sourced from WNN.

• You are not required to attribute WNN for extracts from WNN articles amounting to less than 150 words. You may reproduce larger sections of articles or articles in their entirety. However, these must carry attribution to WNN, and in the case of web-based reproduction should include a link back to the orginal WNN article page or to the WNN homepage (

• You must not attribute to WNN sections of material in WNN publications that WNN attributes to other sources.

You are not required to accept these limits on use of WNN material. However, there is no other prior permission to modify or distribute WNN material. Should you wish to use WNN material outside the terms of this statement please contact the Editor.