New transport casks delivered to KHNP

25 August 2021

Orano USA has delivered its first TN-LC used fuel cask to Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP). It will be used to move used fuel between KHNP's nuclear power plant sites as well as internationally.

Orano USA and KHNP executives celebrate the handover at SeAH Besteel's facility in Gunsan (Image: Orano)

The TN-LC cask is designed for both wet and dry fuel loading and uses lightweight materials. It weighs about 20 tons, or 23 tons when fitted with its two impact limiters. Orano describes it as "an efficient multi-modal transport cask" for fuel from nuclear power plants as well as research reactors.

In June, KHNP received a licence from South Korea’s Nuclear Safety and Security Commission to use the casks to transport high burn-up used nuclear fuel. The company operates all of South Korea's 24 power reactors.

Orano said the final assembly and testing of the cask was done by its regional partner SeAH Besteel Nuclear Shop in Gunsan, South Korea, where a ceremony was also held to mark the handover of the first cask.

The cask will be used before the end of 2021 for an international transport between South Korea and Sweden.

Researched and written by World Nuclear News