Security stops explosives at Ringhals

21 June 2012

UPDATE 1: 4.56pm BST, Correction to police statements - no new discoveries have been made.

A small amount of an explosive substance was discovered on a fork-lift truck at Vattenfall's Ringhals plant in Sweden yesterday. Police said there had been no mechanism for detonation and consequently no risk of explosion.

Ringhals 3 and 4 (Vattenfall) 250x172
Police are focused on the few hours the truck spent in Ringhals' outer security circle

The plant is currently in outage and employing some 3500 workers with security split into two main areas: an outer circle controlled by multiple physical barriers and a system of cards and entry codes; and an inner circle surrounding the sensitive portions of the plant. "Every item, every person, every vehicle is checked every time" on entry to the inner circle, Ringhals communication manager Gösta Larsen told World Nuclear News.

The fork-lift truck in question is owned by Vattenfall and usually used in the inner security circle. It was last security checked on 18 June, but on 20 June left the area to complete some work in the outer zone. Later that day it returned and a dog discovered a small amount of explosive material behind the truck's hand fire extinguisher.

Police have launched a "preliminary investigation of suspected sabotage" and conducted a search with sniffer dogs. Despite receiving several tips, the police said they currently have no suspects.
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